Coral Jade

Coral Jade

Circus Performer - Variety Artist - Entertainer


Coral Jade is a professional hula hoop performer and circus artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She performs several different routines and amazing eye-catching optical illusions at venues and on the streets all around Australia, captivating an audience of all ages while she builds up to a huge stack of hula hoops in her act.

While not working as a hula hoop extraordinaire, Coral Jade makes artistic circus films in beautiful locations while showing off her skills, strength and flexibility.

A Hula Hoop History

After living her first few years of life in South Africa she located with her family to Christchurch, New Zealand. Her hula hoop talent started at a young age but she discovered her real passion for the circus arts after making her first hula hoop in 2007.

Other than performing at cabaret clubs, corporate venues, expos and more, she has also appeared on television, in newspapers, magazines, calendars, music videos and on the radio multiple times. She has a license agreement with GoPro and has had nearly half a million views on YouTube.

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Some recent work

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Look at what I bought!

- Winter Hula Hooping -

Watch my new GoPro Snow Flow! Filmed at Mt. Hotham in Australia, I also used a head cam for a new perspective.

My new video is ready and will be youtube on Monday morning/Sunday night (depending on where you are) ❄️❄️❄️

- Video of me by GoPro -

A little overwhelmed this video got over 100,000 views in one day! Lets see if it gets to half a million…

- Balance -

Been seeing a lot of this one lately so I thought I’d join in :-)

- Sunset hula hooping -

Taken while filming at St. Kilda beach 2 years ago for my documentary.

- BRB -

Just hanging out with my friends


When it comes to circus hula hooping one of our favorites has spun up a new demo that’s not to be missed. Coral Jade of filmed this herself on the urban streets of Melbourne and during sunrises at St. Kilda, edited it all into something stunning, and composed her own original soundtrack creation for it to top it all off. It’s got everything you could hope for in a circus demo, with a little GoPro footage thrown in too for good measure. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  View/like/comment on

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